Friday, July 29, 2016

One Point Five MILLION views and a Unicorn enters Independent Music Awards

I had not checked these stats in over a year - back when they were 462,279 :-) So this morning...... !!!! Our Unicorn's International Peace project album continues to give peace a voice. My sincere appreciation and love to all the wonderful International artists who contributed their voices, their magnificent talent, & above all, their authentic passion for peace.
~ Gigi de Lugo, Producer - Voices United For Peace

Pretty thrilled to also announce that our Unicorn has entered the race for 
the Independent Music Awards as well! You can help by sharing this blog post with your voice
UNITED with us for Peace! #ima16vu4p (hashtag)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Create Your Future: How to Make Your Voice Heard from Human Rights to Civil Rights, From Anti-Apartheid to Anti-War @alternet

Create Your Future: How to Make Your Voice Heard from Human Rights to Civil Rights, From Anti-Apartheid to Anti-War @alternetThe following is an excerpt from Create Your Future: How to Make Your Voice Heard from Human Rights to Civil Rights, From Anti-Apartheid to Anti-War (Snail Press, September, 2015), by Jack Healey.

1962 was an auspicious year to arrive in Washington. That year everything
seemed possible. Pope John the 23rd had called for the second ecumenical
council of the Vatican, seeking to “open the Church windows and let in
fresh air” to align the Church with the progressive changes of the time.
The seminary was brimming with pride because America had elected its
first Catholic president, a prime subject of cafeteria chatter. If you
wanted to make new friends, it was always a sure bet to bring up the
Catholic president..... (more)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Voices United For Peace Video nears 500,000 VIEWS

462,279 Views on !
Hadn't checked it for a while - WOW ! Our Voices United For Peace International Album video - this one features  Kimicoh Kimico 's song - has been traveling around the world !

Monday, January 13, 2014

NEWS: St. Thomas Observes Peace Day over the Air Waves By April Rose Fale-Knigh

St. Thomas Observes Peace Day over the Air Waves
By April Rose Fale-Knigh ~ ST. THOMAS SOURCE

Nashville-based Virgin Islander Gigi de Lugo joined the radio discussion via telephone to share the Sept. 21 release of “Planet CrindelStar,” an international album honoring the United Nations' International Day of Peace. The album, a collaboration of American and European artists and produced by De Lugo, will be played by the United Nations Radio around the world.
De Lugo, known locally to many as the daughter of the Honorable Ron de Lugo, is an award-winning 30-year veteran of the music and film industry. Also a dedicated peace activist, she co-founded One Human Race for Justice in Nashville.
De Lugo excitedly shared her recent appointment as Global Peace Ambassador for SPMUDA International, a global non-government organization also working toward peace and non-violence.
“It took me a few days to settle into that,” said De Lugo. “It is a responsibility that I wanted all my life.”
De Lugo emphasized that her peace efforts, including the upcoming year-long campaign to promote “Planet CrindelStar,” owe much to support from Virgin Islands-based businesses and organizations, including Stop The Bleeding, Karibbean Kids of St Thomas, and Itiba Natural Beauty of St Croix.
“As a global ambassador for peace, I am representing the Virgin Islands in that regard,” said De Lugo. “That is my identity. I am a Virgin Islander representing global peace.”   (MORE...)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Presenting VU4PEACE International Album Promo Video - it will make you Dance !

What a Great song ! You'll be dancing - it's hot ! Welcome to our first album promo video - "Just Believe" featured song by Kimicoh Kimico and The Defending Champions. Get ready to dance ~ with this song you just can't help it. Thank you Kimicoh Kimico and The Defending Champions ~ WOW !


Sunday, September 1, 2013

International Day of Peace ~ Voices United 4 Peace with Planet CrindelStar Global Artists and Musicians for Peace

Thank you Susan Day ~ An American Living In Kuwait - 
Hear her 30 second message For Peace
Record A Peace Message (30 second max please) Please say your Country or City when you leave your message. This phone goes direct to a server, is not answered by a human -it will say you have reached "Tropic Heat Studios"- leave your message,  then the mp3 file of your message is delivered to us via email. HOW IT WORKS: You click on the "Call Me" button, it will give you a place where you type in your phone number. When you press to "Connect", it will call your phone and connect you to the server - you do not need to be using a computer phone - *this is designed to work with any regular phone number. We will be sharing your messages here at Voices United 4 Peace. Imagine the Possibilities !
* If you are calling from overseas / Internationally - please send us an email and we will give you the direct phone number to call into. Another option is to record your own 30 second message and send us the audio file to