Monday, September 16, 2013

Presenting VU4PEACE International Album Promo Video - it will make you Dance !

What a Great song ! You'll be dancing - it's hot ! Welcome to our first album promo video - "Just Believe" featured song by Kimicoh Kimico and The Defending Champions. Get ready to dance ~ with this song you just can't help it. Thank you Kimicoh Kimico and The Defending Champions ~ WOW !


Sunday, September 1, 2013

International Day of Peace ~ Voices United 4 Peace with Planet CrindelStar Global Artists and Musicians for Peace

Thank you Susan Day ~ An American Living In Kuwait - 
Hear her 30 second message For Peace
Record A Peace Message (30 second max please) Please say your Country or City when you leave your message. This phone goes direct to a server, is not answered by a human -it will say you have reached "Tropic Heat Studios"- leave your message,  then the mp3 file of your message is delivered to us via email. HOW IT WORKS: You click on the "Call Me" button, it will give you a place where you type in your phone number. When you press to "Connect", it will call your phone and connect you to the server - you do not need to be using a computer phone - *this is designed to work with any regular phone number. We will be sharing your messages here at Voices United 4 Peace. Imagine the Possibilities !
* If you are calling from overseas / Internationally - please send us an email and we will give you the direct phone number to call into. Another option is to record your own 30 second message and send us the audio file to