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Welcome Friends to Voices United 4 Peace. Please read through the website, participate by adding your Peace Message, and also subscribe to receive updates and continue staying in touch. We appreciate you & require your Voice For Peace. Join us as we bring our voices, peace messages, songs and story to children around the world, and most of all, to the adults who are their voices for Peace. (As depicted in our logo described below)
On September 21, 2013 - International Day of Peace,
we will be sending our voices to the United Nations, and around the world as we launch the Special Edition - Planet CrindelStar International Album, "Voices United 4 Peace", Showcasing Planet CrindelStar's Newest Song  
"I'll Be There For You",
by Karin Nagi-Ambassadress SPMUDA NL
We are adding new songs every month as we discover them from all over the planet. That is our intention for the upcoming year until 2014 International Day of Peace. This is the album that grows - literally ! It is delivered on Mp3 download cards that are embedded with wildflower seeds! After redeeming the unique code online to download the full digital album, you plant your card and it Grows Wildflowers ! What contribution can we be to the children and planet over the next year ? What are the infinite possibilities?  - Give Peace A Voice . ~ Angela Maria "Gigi" de Lugo, Producer - Planet CrindelStar. Founder-Tropic Heat Studios, Founder-Voices United 4 Peace, 4th Generation Virgin Islander, Award Winning Music Publisher, & Grandmother
Please Follow the entire page - there is a Free Download of the CrindelStar Theme Song & so much more to discover here, you will want to give yourself a few minutes for Peace ~ and then gift it away.

"Children are Flowers and Angels on the Earth. To be respected and educated with Love and Freedom.We must offer them the World and Peace that they need."
Her Excellency Marisa Aragon World Executive Director- Children & Women- SPMUDA INTERNATIONAL (contributed to VU4Peace 9/3/13)

NEWS:: Planet CrindelStar International Album :  Humanitarian Artists for Peace along with Peace Messages from around the World Unite under VU4Peace. This Special Edition Album will be delivered to the United Nations honoring International Day of Peace Sept 21, 2013 and will include select audio Peace Messages that have been sent in from around the world. Add YOUR Voice 4 Peace ! (Click Here) -

Deepest thanks and gratitude to the growing chorus of all the Voices United 4 Peace who are already rallying to the Call to Action for International Day of Peace  9/21/13  !

Our Logo: The large hand is Woman/Adult -=Voices, the small hand says "Peace" as from a child's hand - asking us to be their Voice for Peace. The smaller hand represents the word "Peace" this is the logo representing the word title -- it is symbols with minimum words. When you speak the abbreviated name VU4Peace " V U 4 Peace" ~ it sounds like "View for Peace". ~ You are encouraged to download the image and make it your own, add it to your Country / State Flag image, Your Profile Image on Facebook & other sites, & so on and so on - print it to a T-Shirt, create as you like with the intention of spreading the Voice of Peace.

CrindelStar's Theme Song (2004) is an empowering message of Peace & Love - Title track on the Planet CrindelStar Global Voices Compilation Album which includes songs contributed by Artists & Peace Ambassadors from around the world with our message to humanity. The Album also includes the renowned narrated story, "CrindelStar". Download this song for FREE  (press Download on the player below under the Share button) as our Gift in memory of the countless children who are no longer with us in this world,  and to those who live in fear or suffering of any kind , through CrindelStar's song of Peace & Love may we plant the seeds the world requires of us & create a world of Peace & Love ~ We ask you to share CrindelStar with every child you know along with the message "We love you & We cherish you. We are here to "Be The Change YOUR World Requires", the world of children. ~~ Gigi de Lugo / Producer , Planet CrindelStar & Founder, Voices United 4 Peace

Karin Nagi-Ambassadress SPMUDA NL
 has dedicated her beautiful version of this song to the 
International Day of Peace.
VU4Peace Presents :
Karin Nagi, TESTIFY TO LOVE -  Huffnpoofs Above The Stars Remix 

 We invite you to enjoy & share this beautiful song :
Give Peace A Voice, by Shawn Gallaway 
Shawn is best known for his global hit song, "I Choose Love"
VU4Peace believes this song conveys it all,  4 Peace ~ what say You ? 


  1. (A VOICE - from Syria - via CBS News 8/31/13) "I hear many countries will attack us," she said. "It's terrifying."
    Inas al-Chaer, who was too nervous to show her face on camera, told CBS News one of the worst things now is feeling helpless.
    The young girl said she would tell the American people to "end this with the least amount of damage and death possible." http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57600846/helplessness-in-syria-as-potential-u.s-strike-looms/

  2. Children are precious, they are the future.. Love in their eyes, and in their soul.. No more war, no more hunger.. WE JUST WANT PEACE, and harmony.. ('I'll be there 4 U')


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