Live Radio Broadcasts from University of the Virgin Islands

Live Show - September 21, 2013 : International Day of Peace - our segment begins at 26 min runs to 48 mins. Includes two songs from the Voices United For Peace album, "Paz" by Paco Damas, and "Give Peace A Voice" by Shawn Gallaway. 
(from Angela "Gigi" de Lugo) Blessings! Peace This is a podcast recording from today's Live Radio Broadcast here in the USA from the Virgin Islands on Sankofa Saturdays radio show- podcast of Live show - beginning at 17 minutes +/- intro to Karin Nagi- Testify to Love -- goes through all songs with intros and commentary. includes Kimicoh Kimico's song "Just Believe" and Paco Damas song "Paz" ~ from our VOICES UNITED FOR PEACE album. My interview and on-air comments begin at 40 minute mark. I must thank Maria Jesus Rubiofor her valuable assistance in all this and to all at SPMUDA International Peace♥ and as always much love and appreciation to DaraMonifah Cooper of Sankofa Saturdays

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